Kyotofu (Now Closed)

Thinking about Kyotofu makes me want to go back and try their Dessert Bar menu. There’s so many beautifully plated desserts that it’d be a sin to not try them all. Not only do they serve dessert, they also serve lunch, brunch and dinner. You know where to find me.

While I daydream about their matcha green tea crème brûlée, black sesame sweet tofu, soymilk soft ice cream sundae… and basically everything on their menu (it would, however, be fiscally smarter to order their KAISEKI prix fixe, which is a three course dessert tasting), let me show you a mini cupcake sampler that I tried from their bakery.

Eating the chocolate soufflé cupcake was probably the best and worst possible thing I could have done. This cupcake was utter heaven. Melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. There’s the lightness and airiness of a soufflé as well as the chocolate intensity of a really good brownie, except in cake form, which is hard to find these days. It’s the perfect marriage between a cupcake and a soufflé . This chocolate soufflé cupcake is their kid.

Why was eating the chocolate soufflé cupcake, rated New York’s Best Cupcake by New York magazine, the worst possible thing that I could have done?

It’s because the remaining three cupcakes paled in comparison to the awesomeness of the chocolate soufflé cupcake. Saving the best for last is, in this case, a good thing to do.

The matcha green tea cupcake, which had a nice green tea smell and a slightly tangy taste from the tea. The apple cinnamon cupcake was very fall-esque and traditional, which led me to the conclusion that it didn’t belong with the other cupcakes, both in terms of flavor choice and taste. The final cupcake, the yuzu-vanilla, was not bad. The “sear marks” on top of the cupcake were unique. If you like light, citrusy cakes, try this. I’m not particularly fond of lemony cakes or desserts, but the aftertaste of this cupcake brought back good memories of me sipping some yujacha on a cold, winter evening.

I finished these cupcakes feeling slightly disappointed, yet hungry for more of that chocolate soufflé cupcake, but one thing that I realized (and did not think much of it before) was that all of these cupcakes had no frosting. Which is a good thing sometimes.

Will I go back to Kyotofu? Definitely. I have not yet tried their famous tofu. And if you see a girl maniacally taking pictures of desserts over at the Dessert Bar, that’ll be me.


705 Ninth Avenue (between 48th and 49th)

New York, NY 10019



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7 Responses to Kyotofu (Now Closed)

  1. edawg says:

    bring me with you! haha

  2. michi says:

    Bring me next time :)
    you made it sound so good!

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