A Friday Afternoon

A new oven arrived! This means that I will have to start my macaron experiments all over again so that I can get to know the oven. Sigh. But that does mean that I have an excuse to make more…

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I might have to rethink and revise my goals for this summer vacation. In addition to everything else I’m doing this summer, I want to try something new. Like learning about a new subject, perhaps. Or do something really cool, such as taking classes (pastry, photography, etc.), creating/participating in an event, or going somewhere I haven’t been to before. Any ideas?

Biscotti Regina goes extremely well with bold, strongly brewed coffee. And, finally, here’s a sneak peek of a macaron I made! Also, keep me away from blueberries if you want some for yourself. I’ll pop them in my mouth every half a second and eat them all in one sitting.


By the way, check out Masterchef.


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3 Responses to A Friday Afternoon

  1. EDawg says:

    I want to try your macarons!!

  2. Maureen says:

    Beautiful photograph! Please don’t eat all the blueberries because they’re my favorite too. :)

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