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Chocolate Pudding & Pops

This was one of the times when I had a craving for something that I don’t really like in general. Perhaps those commercially made pudding cups with their artificial additives ruined it for me. So, pudding is not my thing. … Continue reading

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Eating In Boston

After lots of college visiting, I got to go to a few of the food destinations in Boston that I knew I had to go to. After buying Joanne Chang’s Flour cookbook, I never knew that I would go to … Continue reading

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Macaron Results: One, Two and Three

There are many factors that affect the result of macarons, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why macarons go wrong. It could be because of the meringue, the macronage, the temperature… basically every single process. What shocked me the most … Continue reading

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How to Make Macarons

Now that I went over “Preparing to Make Macarons,” it’s time to move on to the actual process of measuring everything out, beating the egg whites, folding the ingredients together (macronage), piping and resting the macarons, baking them in the … Continue reading

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A Friday Afternoon

A new oven arrived! This means that I will have to start my macaron experiments all over again so that I can get to know the oven. Sigh. But that does mean that I have an excuse to make more… … Continue reading

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